1. Do I need a car?

No, it is possible to get here and to get around using public transport. That said, the buses here are infrequent, so you’ll need to be organised. Our nearest bus stop is Leutasch Weidach Gasthaus zum See, which is 400m away. The best website is www.oebb.at

If you are coming with children, you might find a hire car very useful. This is especially true in winter, if you want to ski in Seefeld.

2. What is the weather like?

Changeable! Although the weather here is often wonderful, especially compared to England, it is not reliable. If you need to have guaranteed sunshine, then better book the south of Spain. That said, we get loads of warm sun year round and it’s never really windy. Note: We are at 1150m above sea-level so nights can be chilly, even in summer. If you like changes of season and weather, then Leutasch could be your place.

Here is a summary for each season:
Spring: Can be very warm from February onwards but cold snaps are not infrequent and snow is possible until late May. The ground can be wet due to snow melt and there will still be snow on high ground making most high peaks difficult to reach. Rain is not infrequent, but when the sun comes out, it can be feel warm indeed.

Summer: Can be hot (sometimes up to 30 deg. and often 25 deg.). Thunderstorms are common in late afternoon and evening, especially in July. Cold snaps of a few days duration are always possible with daytime temperatures dropping as low as 10 degrees at times. Rain is frequent but often limited to afternoon thunderstorms.

Autumn: The weather is usually more settled, especially in September and October. We enjoy a lot of sunny warm days with cooler evenings. Of course, it can rain and even snow from October onwards. September is the best month to scale the high peaks.

Winter: Typically sunny or snowy. The temperature often stays below zero making Leutasch a winter paradise. Although it can get very cold (sometimes -15 deg.) the dry air means that the wind chill is minimal compared to the uk.

3. What should I bring?

Warm weather clothes in summer, sunglasses and suncream all year round, cold weather clothes and waterproofs all year round, sandals for paddling in summer, kids wellies, DVDs and swimming things. We try to provide everything you need such as tea towels, hand soap and dishwasher tablets.

4. Is it a good place for families?

Yes, because all children love to play outdoors. Leutasch has some activities for children and there are more if you drive a little bit, but the most fun that children get here is running about in the fresh air, paddling in the stream or making snow men.

5. Are the apartments accessible by wheelchair?

No, Apt 1 is down eight wooden steps and apt 2 is up a flight of stairs.

6. Is English widely spoken?

English is spoken in the tourist information and in most shops and restaurants. Not all menus are in English but the staff are happy to help.