Running in the Leutasch Valley

The Leutasch Valley is a trail-running paradise. At an altitude of 1150m above sea level, the air is crisp and clean. The flat valley bottom allows for scenic jogs, whilst the mountains that sweep up from the plateau offer infinite opportunities for undulating trail runs, or hardcore mountain running.
Our apartments contain information on possible running routes. We are also happy to offer advice.

Running Calendar

Here are some of the local running races.

Mountain run Seefeld - June

Outstanding views if you can make it up the 1000m ascent. Wonderfully friendly with a shorter “everyman” course and a children's run.

Zugspitz Ultratrail - June

If you think the ultratrail seems a bit silly (101km with a total of 5474m of climbing) then you could always have a go at the Supertrail, which is a mere 68.8km with 3120m total ascent. No excuses then!

Karwendelberglauf, Mittenwald - July

Mountain race with 1381m climb in 10.6km. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

Ganghofertrail, Weidach, Leutasch - August

Lovely trail half marathon/8k with manageable undulations.

Karwendelmarsch - August

35k/52K walk or trail run along the undeveloped Karwendel Alpine park with refreshments along the route.

Winter Running

During the winter season, many of the lower level paths are cleared making them perfect for winter running and walking. There is nothing more peaceful than running along a wintery path alongside a frozen lake with snow falling gently around you. We sometimes wear spikes on top of our trainers for extra traction. You can buy these locally or bring them along. One of our favourite winter activities is to jog up the sledging hill with a toboggan then sledge the 2.5k back down again. Sledges available for hire in the village. Cross country skiing is also an ideal sport for runners. Ski hire and lessons are available in the village. You can also hire snowshoes.





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